laser6Indoors or out Lasersound has a range of lasers suitable for your event. Our outdoor green beam lasers will project images on to buildings, trees or any solid object. Aided by smoke, either from our own smoke generators or from a separate outdoor entertainment like fireworks, its beams can also become a focal point on their own as they radiate into swirling tunnels of green light or sky-piercing blades of green that rotate and dance in the night.
Our three-colour beam lasers are great for indoor use in rooms which have plenty of space, like a hall, conference centre or nightclub. They produce the same exciting effects as green beam lasers but in full technicolour! Once again smoke or mist is a vital ingredient for the beams to be visible. Walls can be used to project messages, logos and other images.
Music plays a key role in making our laser shows sing and dance. We can choreograph a laser show to any piece of music as shown by this example for an event at a leading London hotel.
For absolutely amazing results fireworks and lasers make a stunning combination. Watch here to see what we mean!